Cancer Full Moon Toolkit- December 2020

We made it folks!

We are on the edge of 2020.

Some of you would argue that this was a dumpster fire of a year.

And, I don’t blame you!

A lot happened and I know that most of us are ready to take 2020 out with the trash.

But, I would argue that this year was one of the most powerful and transformative years we’ve ever witnessed.

Parks And Recreation Donna GIF

Okay, don’t get mad, just hear me out…

We all experienced some challenging moments this year. Moments that reminded us of our humanity.

For you it may have come in the form of lessons arounds loss, or lessons around fear. You may have experienced beginnings disguised as super triggering endings. You may have lost everything and in the midst of it, found out what true abundance really means.

How ever the lessons showed up for you, those moments most likely introduced some intense resistance in your life that forced you to do one of two things:

  1. Stay stuck in your old patterns.
  2. Choose a new mindset and a new ( and maybe uncomfortable at first) path.

We still have a couple of days left in 2020 and this last full moon is the perfect one to carry us out.

It’s the one that calls us to nurture ourselves, tap into emotional self care, and reclaim our energy as we prepare to take the next step ahead.

Cancer governs the 3rd eye chakra, so this Full Moon Toolkit is going to be a little different than what you’re used to.

This time, I’m bringing you an audible experience. 

This will allow you to close your eyes and open your 3rd eye to receive the information in a whole new way. 

So grab some head phones and a hot cup of tea, and enjoy this audible journey.

Thanks for bringing me along as you transition into the new year and celebrate the last full moon of 2020!

But first here’s a special introduction…


Yoga Nidra is the practice of “yogic sleep.” 

This meditative journey takes you to the theta state where you can work with and reprogram your neuropathways. This allows you to shape your beliefs, which create and govern the lens through which you receive and perceive reality. 

The intention for this practice is to open to the invitation of digesting emotional experiences to expand your capacity to receive. 

To prepare, set up space where you will be comfortable, and lie on the floor, either on a mat or a blanket. 

If you have a hard time staying awake during meditations, this could point to a need for more rest in your life in general, so honor where you are and keep practicing, eventually, you’ll be able to make it through the meditation. 

It’s important to enter this practice releasing all expectations at the door. 

Just allow yourself to be present with what comes up, and at the end of the practice, journal about your experience. 

Click here to enjoy your yoga nidra practice!


Cancer governs digestion and is also represented by the element of water. During this time of year, kapha dosha is high. This dosha is a mixture of water and earth and has many properties that coincide with the energy of Cancer. 

Excess kapha dosha can cause digestion to become sluggish or stagnant, and may leave you feeling heavy and dull. 

Something commonly overlooked during this time of year is the power a quick and easy cleanse can have on resetting digestion. 

Cleansing doesn’t always have to be an intensely time-consuming process.  

The body is constantly cleansing and renewing.

Taking time to do some of the following practices just supports this natural process and allows the body to operate at peak performance. 

My recommendation to you this month is to take on a 3-7 day mono-diet cleanse.

 You may choose to eat soup, or maybe you’d prefer something a bit more hearty like kitchari!

Work with seasonal veggies and try to eliminate meat from your diet for this mini-cleanse. 

It will work because it’s based on a mono-diet which takes the stress off of the digestive system, allowing the body to work at its optimal capacity.

This form of cleansing is safe and typically very effective!

A Simple Outline for your Cleanse:

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of room temperature water each day. 
  • Start your day and your meals with a hot cup of lemon water. 
  • Eat 2 – 3 times a day and practice listening to your body to make sure you aren’t overeating. 
  • Set the intention of cleansing and release. 
  • Start your days with meditation and incorporate yoga or exercise into each day.


This audio will give you some deep intuitive insights around the Full Moon in Cancer and the importance of releasing old patterns and making the sometimes hard choice to take care of yourself!

Click here to tune into the collective energy reading.

The decks I use in this reading:

Work Your Light Oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell 

Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle

Feel Free to grab a pen and paper and write to the following Full Moon journal prompts when you’re done with the reading!


  • In what ways are you feeling blocked from expressing your emotions?
  • What practices do you have in place to nourish and take care of yourself? Write a List.
  • Who/Where do you need to call back your energy from?
  • What emotional ties are you ready to release?
  • What patterns are you ready to end in your life?
  • In what ways do you spend time nurturing others, and how can you bring some of that time to yourself?


To go along with the theme of creating an audible experience for you on this full moon, I collaborated with hip-hop artist and producer, Jaya (Raise) to create special affirmations track that you can save and listen to any time you feel like you need a boost of inspiration or a pick me up. 

Cancer governs feelings, so allow yourself to deeply feel what comes up as you absorb the affirmations that have been specially crafted to embody the energy of this full moon! 

Listen to Your Cancer Full Moon Affirmations Here!

Credit for this Toolkit:

Artists featured in this Full Moon Toolkit and where to show them some support

Jaya (Raise) 

To listen to and support Jaya(Raise) visit his Soundcloud and purchase his music on iTunes! 

Akal Dub

To listen to and support Akal Dub visit his Soundcloud and purchase his music on Bandcamp

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Love and Moonlight and Happy New Year!


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