Sagittarius New Moon Toolkit- December 2020

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2 months ago, I turned 29 and took one step further into my Saturn return. 

It’s a time that we’ve all been taught to fear. 

The story goes that your Saturn return hits, and everything comes crashing down around you, but as long as you can hold it together and roll with the punches, you’ll cross the threshold of 31 unscathed.

Truthfully, (and gratefully) this has not been my experience. 

Yes, my Saturn return has been filled with some pretty unexpected events. 

(A wildfire, a big move to another state, a grandparent with dementia and some big choices that weren’t easy to make.)  

However, In the midst of these events, there have been so many golden nuggets of experience, opportunity, and growth. 

saturn return

A major part of that growth has been releasing the fear of setting huge goals and learning how to create the confidence and resilience within to embark on the long-term journey it takes to achieve them.

What huge goals are on your manifestation list?

The new moon in Sagittarius is all about goal setting, clarity, and aiming your arrow. 

This New Moon Toolkit has been carefully crafted to help you find clarity and clear the blocks you might have towards reaching your own goals. 

You’ll work physically, mentally, energetically to prime yourself for the year to come, because let’s face it, we are coming up on some HUGE changes, and the only way to approach it is to set your target, aim, and know in your heart that you won’t miss.

My advice? Shoot for the stars, don’t settle for just landing on the moon. 

Now on to your Sagittarius New Moon Toolkit! 


Yoga for the sagittarius new moon, sacral chakra yoga

Sagittarius rules the sacral chakra. Your center for fluidity, sensuality, creativity, and flow. Join me as we work to expand this powerful energy center so that you can feel fully clear and aligned in setting and reaching for your goals during this new moon!

Click here to enjoy your yoga practice!


Sagittarius New Moon Meditation

This meditation will help you tap into deep clarity around the goals and dreams you hold for your future self. The New moon is always a potent time to set intention, but aligning that energy with Sagittarius is going to allow you to rocketship into the future towards your dreams.

Want to get clear on where you want to be during the next moon cycle and in the year ahead?
This meditation will help you do it! 

Click here to drop into your meditation. 


Banyan botanicals focus liquid extract
photo credit: Banyan Botanicals

There’s so much powerful potential when Sagittarius comes into play. Strategy and goals are all super important, but let’s not forget that we are moving through the kapha time of year. The nature of kapha is sluggish, foggy, and dull and especially with all of the time you may be spending at home, that kapha energy might be coming on pretty strong. Still, the new year is coming, and as we’ve seen this year, so many structures need to be changed. We need new beginnings, and this new moon call us all to plan for how we will approach those changes.
It’s never been a better time to focus!

I personally LOVE Focus Liquid Extract from Banyan Botanicals for so many reasons. First off, I’m kind of a tincture-holic, and any time I can get my hands on an herbal ally in tincture form, I’m pretty much sold. 

Focus liquid extract has gotten me through so many moments where I was working hard to meet a deadline, or pump out a video, but I didn’t have the energy. What I enjoy about it so much is that it gives me a natural herbal based boost. It’s fully caffeine-free and it’s made with glycerine, so unlike other tinctures, it doesn’t have alcohol so you don’t get that burn when you put it under your tongue. 

If you’re looking for a way to stay fully focused on your goals and get sh*t done, then I recommend keeping focus extract in your medicine bag at all times! 

Click here to get focused!


sagittarius intuitive reading for the new moon

Want to know what energies could be holding you back from taking action? This new moon read will give you some deep intuitive insight!

Click here to tune into the collective energy reading.

Feel Free to grab a pen and paper and write to the following New Moon journal prompts when you’re done with the reading!


sagittarius new moon journal prompts
  • Write a list of all the goals you want to accomplish in the next 3 months, then in the next 6 months, and then in the next year. 
  • Write a list of all the energetic blocks that come up for any of these goals. What do you feel may hold you back? Set the intention to release them with this new moon. 
  • Write out an action plan, this could be a schedule, or you might just write things you’ll do to keep motivated as you move towards your goals.
  • Take action! Choose 1 goal from your goals list. Post it somewhere on your wall where you’ll see it every day until it’s met, then choose another. 


sagittarius affirmations for the new moon
  • I am fully aware of my power to succeed.
  • I have come this far, and I will keep going further.
  • I am clear on what I want and I know that I can have it.
  • I am ready to take charge of my life work towards my goals. 

Click here for journal prompts and affirmations for every day in the moon cycle!

yoga hoodies, yoga t-shirts, yogsa tank tops, life by the moon yoga.

Sagittarius has been some amazing fuel for me and I’ve been using the creative juices to get out more merchandise! Today is the release of my second design in the Naked Roots Yoga series. I created this series to express the complexities and emotion of people of color shaped in various yoga asanas, and this pose depicts a woman sitting in easy pose with a bundle of lavender!

Click the banner below to get your hands on a hoodie, tank top, t-shirt or all three! These will only be available until January 1st so get yours soon!

Want to get these tools before the new or full moon so you can prepare in advance? Sign up for my mailing list! I’ll be sending out these tools a week before they are posted so you can plan ahead for your New Moon and Full Moon rituals and self-care practices!

Sign me up to get these toolkits early! 

Love and Moonlight,



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