Let’s Talk Moon Phases!


The Wheel from A Vision by W.B. Yeats

Let’s talk a little bit about the moon phases and their meanings, this is an excerpt straight from my book Write by the Moon: A 28-day Journal Companion Based on Creating Your ideal life with the energy of the moon cyclewhich will be available soon!

The First Quarter

In the first quarter, we see that the initial way the moon represents its self on day one as completely darkened. This is the New Moon phase. At this time the moon is not visible to us, but it’s still up there in the sky. As it begins to change over the next seven days, it enters the waxing phase. This means that it will begin to fill up with light and through days three to six, the moon starts to look a lot like it’s smiling down on us. This is the waxing crescent period. The Waxing half- moon appears on the seventh day and represents the end of the first quarter. The first quarter of the moon cycle is a good time for setting intentions and preparing to let those intentions manifest.

The Second Quarter

After the waxing half-moon, the moon goes into the Waxing Gibbous phase. Gibbous means that the moon is more or less than halfway full of light. In this case, it is more than half way full and making its way to the Full Moon phase. This continues for another eight days and on the fifteenth day we enter into the full Moon and the end of the second Quarter, This is the time when energy is at a high for most of us, which I’ll also explain later on.

The Third Quarter

After the Full Moon, the journey continues and the moon starts to make its way back around the earth. This is the Waning Moon Phase. The phase where the moon begins to

Drain its light. We too may be feeling that draining energy in a few different ways. We feel the pull to release emotions, finish projects, or get rid of what isn’t serving us. This goes on for six days and on the twenty-second day, we meet the Waning Half Moon. This signals the end of the third quarter and the begging of the fourth.

The Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter is the last quarter in the moon cycle. This is the home stretch and after this next six days, the cycle will begin again with the New Moon. During the new moon, we cannot see the moon in the sky, but it’s there it has just gone inward, much like we tend to do energetically. This is when I most recommend self-care, but again, we’ll get into more of that later on in the book.

Why is this Important?

Now that you have a better idea of how the moon orbits our earth and how it shows up for us in the sky at any given time, We can go deeper into the energies that each phase represents and how you can work and write with these energies!

My book will be full of 28 inspirational journal prompts that will lead you through each day of the moon cycle and give you the inspiration you need to begin creating a life you love!

Have you found yourself feeling the effects of any of these energies in your daily life around a particular moon phase? Have you not noticed it at all? Was this an article that taught you something you weren’t previously aware of? If so please share in the comments below!

Love and Moonlight

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