Intention Setting: Manifest with the New Moon!

The Energy of the New Moon.

The new moon is a great time to plant those seeds of manifestation and also a time for introspection. Sometimes we need to take a moment to sit back and have a good look at our lives to make sure that things are going the way we’d like for them to go. Maybe you had plans to start a project and never got around to it. Maybe you’ve been wanting to make a big life change, but have been holding off on the process. The new moon gives us a chance to come back to our intentions. Some of us may be deciding to re-evaluate the intentions we previously set and some of us may be looking to build on something entirely new. In any case, the best time to do this is during the new moon!

The moon’s the limit, so let’s get Started!

How To Set Intentions Using the Power of Words?

The first step to setting intentions is through writing them down. Words are powerful and through the use of our words, we can create brilliant things. However, just writing an intention down won’t be enough, we will want to focus on writing down the intentions that we most resonate with.

For example, I could write down something along the lines of  “I want to be a millionaire by the end of the month” This would be fine if I really believed that this was possible, but for I don’t fully resonate with this desire. Instead, I would sit in silence and listen for a number to come to mind. This number may pop into my head out of nowhere and this may be the amount of money I consider writing down to call in. I would know I resonate with it if my mind doesn’t question it and it doesn’t give me any uneasy feelings in my core or anywhere else in my body. I may even feel a sense of excitement around it.

This is a good technique to use for writing down any intentions.  The whole point of setting these intentions isn’t to know how or when they will come, but just to make a list of things we truly resonate with can receiving, then letting the universe do the rest through presenting us with intuition and opportunities.

A Mudra to Super Charge Intentions!


The best mudra for setting intentions is the Kubera Mudra, a powerful mudra to bring some forceful momentum into intention setting. This mudra is named after Kubera, the god of wealth and is powered by the union of the fingers that represent Mars and Jupiter! (the first finger and thumb)

To properly perform this mudra bring your thumb, first finger and middle finger to touch, and fold the tips of your pinky and ring finger to meet the inner middle area of your palm. meditate on the intentions you wrote down while holding this mudra to help bring in said intentions.

4 Mantras for Meeting Intentions


1.I release the how, I release the when, and I let my intentions flow in.

2.I have faith and allow myself to receive.

3.I don’t need to have control, I just need to know I’m worthy.

4. I will follow inspiration and opportunities to see where they lead.

Use any of these mantras throughout each moon cycle, they are a good way of getting unstuck when your mind runs off in a negative direction. You can’t create anything from a state of negativity or resistance. When you feel any of these energies, take a few deep cleansing breaths to clear your mind and focus on one of these mantras, before you know it, things will begin to flow again!

Since I have been setting intentions with the cycles of the moon, using these techniques has brought me so much love and abundance in so many ways, from job opportunities to the creation of Life by the Moon Yoga and so much more! My biggest advice when setting intentions is to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and when setting intentions, we have to have a great deal of patience. Sometimes we may notice that an intention is not coming to fruition and there may be 2 reasons for that. One is that you don’t have a true desire for said intention. Another would be that it is an intention that doesn’t align with your highest good or the highest good of others.

I hope this process produces beautiful results for you. If you want more help with setting intentions and manifestation, check out my book, Write by the Moon: A 28-Day Journal Companion for Manifesting with the Cycle of the Moon. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience with intention setting in the comments below!

If you are interested in other techniques of manifestation, let’s connect and I’ll show you how to manifest on and off the mat through a 1 on 1 Skype yoga session based on what I call the 6 keys to manifestation!

Love and Moonlight!

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