Resilience Through Rough Times

I have come to this realization before, and this course is reinforcing the strong belief that self-care is going to be the largest component in healing the wounds of our society. This is the whole reason for why I created Life by the Moon Yoga, and why I have chosen the path of yoga, Ayurveda, and self-empowerment through consent and harnessing the power of working with the cycles of this life we live to create the world we want to live in. Dismantling racism and oppression is not an easy task. It is a darker side of the cycle we face, but it is important to acknowledge the work that needs to be done on both sides, and the energy that it takes. It's equally important to have ways to care for ourselves when times get hard so that we can keep on going.

Consenting to Discomfort.

I have recently been leading a community consent circle based on the #MeToo movement that recently went viral on Facebook. When I saw that this was happening, I was so proud of all of the people I knew who were tapping into their vulnerability and sharing their stories. I realized that while this was such … Continue reading Consenting to Discomfort.

A Resolution to stick to Routine.

Creating routine is crucial to our overall mind, body and spiritual health. When we implement a daily yoga routine or self-care practice, we are acknowledging the importance of taking time for ourselves. Through my own experience of setting goals and tapering off in the middle, I have learned a few tricks to helping me get … Continue reading A Resolution to stick to Routine.