Leo Full Moon January 2021

The full moon in Leo puts a huge emphasis on the importance of shining your light.

It’s very true that the more you’re willing to be seen, the more magnetic you will be to the experiences and abundance you desire in life. 

Big Leo energy looks like showing up to the party of life like you own the place and sharing your magic for the world to see.

The dark side of this Leo Full Moon might show up as insecurity.

 Often times when we set goals, the universe asks us to expand our capacity to hold what we want to receive. 

While this is a beautiful thing, stepping outside of your comfort zone can still be hard and scary. 

This week, I had a really hard time stepping out of my own comfort zone.

I went back and forth in my head around what I was going to do and how I was going to show up, and then I stopped and asked myself, “what are the deeper lessons of this full moon?”

Here’s what came through:

-Leo lions know when to move and when to be still, and they deeply honor the conservation of their energy. 

– Confidence is Leos M.O., and they know how to wield that confidence in ways no one else can. They don’t let anything block their shine.

In light of these lessons, I knew what I had to do. 

I had to show up, do what was scaring me, and embrace the fact that I’m a queen because I choose to be! 

Instead of letting my fear rule me, I took control and made things work. 

I hope you take away the same lesson from this upcoming full moon. 

This Leo Full Moon Toolkit will help you get in touch with your inner baddie and clear l whatever’s blocking your shine.

This Leo Full Moon Toolkit includes:

  • Leo Full Moon Yoga Nidra: Unblock Your Shine 
  • Ayurvedic Insights on the Leo Full Moon 
  • Journal Prompts for the Leo Full Moon
  • Mantras for the Leo Full Moon

Let’s get to it! 

Leo Full Moon Yoga Nidra: Unblock Your Shine!

 Some might say that Yoga Nidra is just another form of meditation, but the truth is, it’s much deeper than that. 

While the goal of meditation is to maintain a singular point of focus the goal of yoga Nidra is reaching a deep state of relaxation. 

 Rody Stryker, yoga and meditation teacher, author, and speaker; teaches that Relaxation helps you deepen into the yoga Nidra, while concentration helps you deepen into meditation. The two intersect because yoga Nidra can help you deepen your ability to sit in meditation. 

 A powerful benefit of yoga Nidra that makes it similar to hypnosis is that in this state you have the ability to reprogram the neuro pathways, bring deep mental and emotional blocks to the surface, and potentially heal old trauma and wounds. 

This Yoga Nidra practice will take you to the state of relaxation where you will be able to work with imagery to bring to the surface and over time eliminate the blocks you carry around confidence and being seen. 

Note: While it’s going to be potent to do this Yoga Nidra practice on the FUll moon, I also recommend saving it and coming back to it for the next (the time between the full moon and the new moon) Why? Because repetition plays a huge role in re-wire neuro pathways and shifting core beliefs.

Click Here to Begin Your Practice.

Leo Full Moon Ayurvdic Insights

Leo governs the heart and blood circulation in the body. 

The ayurvedic connection here is that pitta also governs these bodily functions.

During a Leo full moon, it’s important to pay attention to how the energy of this moon might be impacting pitta dosha.

If you need a reminder about the dosha’s check out this blog post!

Essentially, we all carry each dosha, and we are all born with a different composition of the three. 

Pitta can become elevated in anyone’s body, but the impacts may affect some more than others. 

Pitta elements: Fire + Water
Pitta governs: Liver, Heart, Blood, Skin, Digestion, Small intestine

Signs of excess pitta:
Loose or runny bowel movements
Red skin and rashes
Acne that is inflamed and painful to the touch
Uncontrollable body heat
Red itchy eyes
Acidic response to meals in the chest, throat, and GI tract
Excess Anger and Frustration 

Natural ways to balance pitta: 
Eat cooling foods like cucumber, avocado, and coconut or cilantro.
 Try restorative yoga or take a walk over strenuous exercise
 Surrender to your emotions and give yourself permission to take a cool-down break when you get frustrated
Spend time in quiet spaces with a calm atmosphere 
Reduce your time on screens to eliminate stimulation to the eyes
Try a raw food diet for a few weeks

Fermented foods
Spicy or Sour or Salty foods
Red meat

For your medicine bag: 

Pitta Digest Tablets – This tablet works with many cooling herbs, some being cumin, coriander, and fennel to support healthy digestion while balancing, cooling, and soothing the tissues in the GI tract.

Healthy Pitta – this tablet is great for cooling the overall body from the blood to the liver to the skin and even the nervous system. If you’re having trouble staying calm and collected then these tables are a good choice. 

I value these tablets because, at the end of the day, we deal with a lot and especially as a woman of color, I’m always trying to make sure I keep my heart health in mind. Keeping a calm demeanor and reducing anger is a good way to maintain heart health. 

Healthy Skin – these tables are not only great for clearing up pitta imbalances in the skiing but the Manjistha in this tablet also helps to support healthy liver and kidney functions, which play a huge role in filtering out toxins from the blood. I tend to use these when I cleanse and my post-cleanse glow is off the chain!

Note: It’s important to note that you don’t need to rely on tablets and herbs daily, and instead, it’s important to use them therapeutically. Once your symptoms start to balance out, just incorporating balancing habits like exercise, meditation, quiet time and a balanced diet will be enough to keep you healthy and keep your pitta at bay. 

Leo Full Moon Journal Prompts

Leo FulL Moon Mantras

  • I am clear open and courageous in my communication.
  • I express myself with ease.
  • I am deeply connected to my willpower and clear and directional with my intentions. 
  • I express myself by deliberately shining my light. 
  • I am free of blockages that keep me from being fully in my assertiveness, vocalization, inner voice, and sovereignty.

Don’t be ashamed to show up as the most authentic version of who you are! The world will thank you for it. Happy Full Moon!

Love and Moonlight



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