Gemini Full Moon Toolkit- November 2020

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Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try to step into a new version of yourself, there’s always something holding you back?

For me, it looks like knowing that my goals and dreams are just around the corner, but feeling as though each step forward also puts me face to face with old blocks that can easily pull me back to the starting line. 

Sometimes it can feel like we’re on autopilot making certain decisions without really thinking about why we do what we do. 

Who’s really running the show and where did those core beliefs of how the world works or doesn’t work come from?

If this is resonating with you on a deep level, then you’re in perfect alignment with the energy of this full moon.

We’re being called to look beyond the surface. 

Some quick insight…

This upcoming full moon takes place on Monday, November 30th.

It will be in Gemini and it’s also going to be an eclipse, meaning that the force is strong with this one! 

Eclipses are like energetic portals. It’s like literally stepping through a doorway and into another dimension.

 The work you do under this moon will truly stick, so the toolkit I’ve created for you is going to help you to be super intentional with your energy. 

It’s also going to support you in clearing any blocks you took on during childhood so that you can live life from your present truth. 

The way you choose to move forward from this moment is up to you. There may be parts of yourself you’re ready to leave behind to make space for more simplicity.

You may also find that there. are parts of you that you need to integrate in order to embrace your whole self.

There’s no wrong choice. Whatever you decide, this Full Moon Toolkit will give you some valuable tools to support you on your journey.


Gemini Full Moon Yoga practice

Gemini governs the throat, lungs, and breath.

In this yoga practice, I take you through a flow that will expand your entire upper body so that you can feel more open in the chest, and connect deeper to your breath.

Click here to enjoy your Yoga practice!


Gemini Full Moon Guided Meditation Recording

It’s time to tap into the operator beneath the surface of your everyday life.

Your inner child.

From the ages of 0-7, we program our subconscious with beliefs that go on to shape the way we show up or hold ourselves back in life.

In this guided meditation, you’ll get to come face to face with the version of you that may have needed your present wisdom, care, and support so you can make deep shifts around your personal clarity and truth. 

Click here for your Gemini Full Moon Guided Meditation.


Banyan Botanicals Throat Soother Spray
photo credit: Banyan Botanicals

It took me a long time to uncover my ability to communicate on so many levels. I had a hard time speaking up and it didn’t get easier until my mid 20s.

I wasn’t always comfortable speaking on my feelings, or voicing my boundaries. These blocks came from years of internalizing beliefs that weren’t my own and operating from said beliefs. As a child, they served me and helped to keep me from being seen, but as I got older, they held me back.

Gemini rules the throat chakra and communication.

Sometimes, you might physical and energetic feel blocks in this space, and that’s okay.

When you do finally clear those blocks and when you are ready to use your voice, you want to make sure your able to keep your throat healthy and clear.

I recommend Banyan Botanicals Throat Soother Spray. It’s packed with immune-boosting herbs and will help you find the vocal clarity you need to speak your truth and intentions.

Plus it’s super tasty!

I started using this throat spray when I taught yoga classes and it really helped me get through the classes on days when my throat was tired. I also found it super helpful when I felt that tickle in the throat that signaled I may be catching a cold.

The physical and energetic body is connected, so using this spray to care for yourself on a physical level will keep you energetically clear as well.

Grab Your Throat Spray Here!

Want some insight on how to clear even more energetic blocks during this full moon? The next tool will help with that!

Gemini Full MOON INtuitive READING


The following is an intuitive oracle reading on the energy of the Gemini Full Moon. 

Watch the Video Here!

Feel Free to grab a pen and paper and write to the following Full Moon journal prompts when you’re done with the reading!


  • Write down 5 goals you want to achieve in 2021.
  • What stories do you tell yourself that are holding you back from achieving these goals?
  • Are there any specific situations in life that have created blocks for you? Write them down.
  • What choices are you currently making in your life that do not align with what you truly want?
  • Is there anyone in your life that you do not feel you can fully be yourself with, and why?
  • Write down one action step you will take towards expressing your truth.


  • I am shifting my beliefs to align with my highest self, goals, and desires.
  • I am open to new beginnings.
  • I give myself permission to release the past.
  • I am clearing my blocks and moving forward towards my goals.

Enjoy Your Gemini Full Moon Toolkit!

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Love and Moonlight


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