Scorpio New Moon Toolkit- November 2020

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Scorpio New Moon

Welcome to Scorpio season, a time when all of the emotions you’ve pushed down come to the surface.

 It’s like when you take your hand and drag it along the bottom of a fish tank.

 Before, it looks so pretty and blue. 

After, the water is murky and full of fog. 

Unless it’s properly cleaned out, only the strongest of fish will survive. 

Have you been feeling like one of the fish in that proverbial tank?

 I have, and the fact that it’s a Scorpio New Moon only seems to amplify this energy. 

This may sound like the beginnings of a “dear diary” entry, but I promise  it’s not! 

Scorpio New Moon Journal Prompts

In fact, I’m so happy to be smack dab in the middle of this storm!


Because it’s here that the deepest healing can begin. 

These past few months I’ve been spending a lot of time in meditation pulling to the surface anything that’s contributed to my sadness, anger, or feelings of being stuck.

 I knew that fully feeling it all would allow it to clear.

 Even today, as I sat down to write this blog post, the first one I’ve written in over a year, I felt the crud come up.

I felt heavy, overwhelmed and full of lethargy and doubt.

 I could have just pushed through, but the voice inside me said “Look, this is here and I want to know what it’s really about.”

So, instead of writing to you, I pulled out my notebook and started to record all of the thoughts that were coming up in my head. 

Thoughts like:

“ I won’t get any readers anyway.”

“It’s too late to make a comeback, no one cares anymore.”

“What am I even doing this for, I’m never going to follow through.” 

And, “I’m not good enough for this, I shouldn’t even try.”

I won’t lie, I had some tears come up, and in the powerful spirit of release, I had to let them flow. 

When I was done…

I got to writing.

I share that vulnerable glimpse into my writing process because It’s a powerful example of what this new moon might throw your way. So often we are taught to put a smile on and stay positive when things feel difficult but, I don’t want to tell you that.

 Instead, I want to encourage you to simply feel. 

Feel your pain, your fears, and your anger without shame. Feel them for as long as you need to and trust that on the other side of this dark tunnel, you’ll be grateful that you did.  

2020 has brought on lesson after lesson on how to stand strong in the face of adversity, and this November new moon marks the final test.

I’ve put together this new moon tool kit to give you the nourishment and sustenance you need to make it through.

I love you. 

I believe in you

Now, Let’s take this dive together! 

Scorpio New Moon Yoga Practice

Scorpio New Moon Yoga
photo credit: Barbara Bowman

This practice is all about opening up the pelvic bowl!

Your sacral center is governed by the energy of Scorpio, and it tends to be the space where we hold our emotions.

 In this flow, I show you how to open up your pelvic bowl, and release some of that stagnant energy. 

Click here to enjoy your Yoga practice!

Scorpio New Moon Guided Meditation

Scorpio New Moon Guided Meditation

This meditation will help you bring the emotions you’re ready to clear to the surface and guide you through sitting with and holding the energy. 

It may seem hard at first, but I’ve created this meditation with the intentions that you feel fully held and in control 100% of the way. 

Click here for your Scorpio New Moon  Guided Meditation.

Ayurvedic Tool for the Scorpio New Moon

Photo Credit: Banyan Botanicals

While it’s less than 2 months away from the end of the year, it doesn’t mean that stress, grief, and depression will end forever once the clock strikes midnight on December 31st.  

Your process in healing is a cyclical journey, and it takes time. 

As I mentioned earlier, I deeply believe that sitting with your feelings is highly important, but allowing yourself to do it in layers is equally meaningful. 

Depression and grief both fall under the energetic category of Kapha, which means that the nature of these emotions can leave you feeling heavy, dull, lethargic, and foggy. 

When you’ve spent time sitting face to face with those feelings, you don’t always feel better right away. Depending on the depth of what you’re going through it may take a while.

This is why it’s so scary to take on this inner work in the first place. Often the fear is that you won’t be able to find your way back. 

And you won’t.

 Instead, you’ll find your way through. This is the death and rebirth that Scorpio offers.  

Still, a little help doesn’t hurt. 

I recently became super good friends with the following herbs:

Lavender- an herb with the ability to reduce pitta and cool the mind.

Passion Flower – A natural sedative that reduces anxiety.

Brahmi- an ayurvedic herb that promotes ease in the nervous system and mind 

Chamomile – promotes a sense of peace and can aid you on those sleepless nights.

About a year ago, I lived with my grandmother as her Caregiver. 

She has dementia and the weight of watching her struggle through nightly episodes and begin to forget who I am was incredibly heavy.

I was met with the challenge of trying to sit with what was coming up for me and still be present for her. Inside my heart was breaking watching one of my closest family members leave before her body had physically passed. 

I worked very closely with these herbs during that time, and each time I would sit to drink them, I would speak my intentions and ask them to work with my heart and my mind to bring me ease. 

I believe herbs have a spirit, and when you communicate your intentions, the spirit of that herb has the ability to merge with your body in a beautiful and incredibly symbiotic way. 

I recently found out that Banyan Botanicals has an amazing herbal tea that contains all of these herbs plus a few other ayurvedic superstars like cumin,coriander, and fennel support cleansing and help the herbs to penetrate all 7 dhatus (tissue layers.) 

So, as you sit with your feelings during this scorpio new moon, I recommend adding this herbal elixir to your daily routine to help get you through the more challenging times this season might bring. 

Grab Your Mellow Mind Tea Here!

That steaming cup of tea will go perfectly with this next tool…

The Scorpio New Moon Reading

The following is an intuitive oracle reading on the energy of the Scorpio New Moon and Scorpio season. 

Watch the Video Here!

Feel Free to grab a pen and paper and write to the New Moon journal prompts below following this reading!

New Moon Journal Prompts

  • What are your biggest triggers lately and where did they begin?
  • What do you feel you need to let go of in order to move forward in your life?
  • If you were fully free and clear of your blocks, what would you do next?
  • Are the boundaries you set for yourself made out of fear, or love and why? 

Scorpio New Moon Affirmations

  • I am sitting with my emotions and open to the lessons they share. 
  • I am releasing with ease to make space for new energy.
  • I am shining my light and setting healthy loving boundaries around my energy. 
  • I am in control of my feelings and emotions, they do not control me. 

Enjoy Your Scorpio New Moon Toolkit!

 My plan moving forward is to bring you these tool kits every new and full moon so that you can live your life by the moon in a conscious, supported, and intentional way!

Spread the love by sharing these tools for healing with a friend. 

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Sign me up to get toolkits early! 

Love and moonlight


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