How to find Personal Power Through Meditation.


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Photo Credit: Barbara Bowman Photography

The BEnefits of MEditation are endless.

Meditation can change the way you see and interact with the world.

Deep within us, at our core is divine wisdom.

Being an entrepreneur is am amazing and excciting journey.

It takes courage determination, and a devotion to a purpose that is greater than yourself.

If you’re new to meditation , then you can probably agree that it’s far from easy!

It’s a journey of growth, and growth doesn’t always mean comfort.

When times get hard, the noises outside of us get louder and louder, the distractions seem to become more frequent and we are met with the ultimate tests.

When you’re in the midst of all of this stress, there is one question that will repeat in your mind over and over again.

What will it take to make it through this?

Meditation is the answer!

Check out this video I shared for #blackdivinitymeditationdday to learn about the importance of meditation, and be guided through a simple technique for beginners that will make it easier to tap into peace and mindfulness.

Shout out to Kamau Abayomi, Creator of Black Divinity Meditation Day, for inspiring the movement!

If you enjoyed this video or feel inspired by the power of meditation, share this with someone in your life who could use that inspiration. Let’s grow together.

Love and Elevation!


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