Guest Post! Virgo through the houses during this super moon!

Guest Post!

Some Basic Information

The Astrological houses are the twelve facets of human life and development connected to the twelve signs. There is a house for each sign.

Each chart will have every sign and every house and Virgo is likely to show up in different houses for different people.

Standard charts align to the horizon

Your ascendant is the constellation that was rising over the horizon when you were born. Your ascendant is the cusp of the first house.

Cusps are the sign’s energy that greets you at the door of each house. Some people will have Virgo at the cusp of a house so this means

How to Find Your Birth Chart

To find your birth chart you will need to know the time and place of your birth along with your birth date and year.

You can enter this information on different websites to find your chart, but to get a deeper sense of what it all means, it can be incredibly helpful to work with someone who can read your chart and break it all down for you.

For the sake of this article, you can view your free natal chart on many sites. For example, try 

The Houses, what signs rule them, and what they represent.

  • 1st house: I am – ruled by Aries
  • 2nd house: I value – ruled by Taurus
  • 3rd house: I communicate ruled by Gemini
  • 4th house: I feel – ruled by Cancer
  • 5th house: I create – ruled by Leo
  • 6th house: I work – ruled by Virgo
  • 7th house: I relate – ruled by Libra
  • 8th house: I transform – ruled by Scorpio
  • 9th house: I expand – ruled by Sagittarius
  • 10th house: I build – ruled by Capricorn
  • 11th house: I innovate – ruled by Aquarius
  • 12th house: I synthesize – ruled by Pisces
Super Full Moon in Vrigo

Super moon in Virgo questions by the house

  • 1st house: How am I clarifying the direction that guides my vitality?
  • 2nd house: How am I choosing what I value and the standards I hold?
  • 3rd house: How am I reconciling my parts and speaking healing to the whole?
  • 4th house: How am I bringing my sensitivity and history into the future I am forming?
  • 5th house: How do I create with passion and eye for detail and refinement?
  • 6th house: How am committing to both tending and amending?
  • 7th house: How do I bring discernment and devotion to my relationships?
  • 8th House: How am I reclaiming and transforming the disowned parts of myself and turning them into new seeds on intention around my life?
  • 9th House: How am I gathering and sorting my knowledge to expand and support wellbeing in myself and in the world?
  • 10th House: How am I growing in intention as I build toward the future?
  • 11th House: How am I paying attention and authentically participating in my community?
  • 12th House: How am I connecting to inspiration and giving it form?

To dive deeper around the subject of the Super Full Moon in Virgo, join the free Virtual Super Moon Manifestation group tomorrow evening atn7 p.m. PST or sign up to receive the replay.

Hopefully, this helps you to further navigate and understand the energy coming up for you as you move through this Super moon!

If you have any questions, would like to set up a personal reading, or would like to indulge in some planetary poetry connect with Jubilee on Instagram @mini.myth.astrology!

Love and Moonlight!

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