Staying Productive During the Winter Season.

Last weeks article was about finding balance during Kapha season, and we discussed ways to find internal balance through working with the opposing qualities of Kapha. This week I want to switch things up a bit and talk about how you can work with the qualities of Kapha instead of against them to cultivate winter productivity,

As we step into the new year, many of us are thinking about ways to reinvent ourselves. We are setting intentions for the year to come and many of us have a renewed sense of hope and willingness to thrive. Still, it can be hard to stick to our resolutions and often it’s hard to understand why. My theory is that the presence of the qualities of Kapha has something to do with this.

Kapha’s qualities are heavy, cool, soft, stable, dense, oily, smooth, sticky, and slow. When these qualities accumulate, we tend to experience heaviness and fog in the body and mind. It may be hard to draw ourselves out of depressive states and the way we move through our day may feel comparable to moving through quicksand. 

Once the winter season takes over, it can seem nearly impossible to get out of the rut. 

Through personal practice, I’ve found that when I shift my mindset and tap into my ability to leverage the qualities of the season instead of being defeated by them, I have a much more productive experience. Today I want to offer you some helpful tips on how to leverage the qualities of Kapha in hopes that you too can experience more productivity this season.  


The cool quality of Kapha can manifest as a laid back, even temper, but when out of balance it can cause us to get stuck in emotions or bad habits. Imagine being frozen in negativity and bad habits. 

 This is where our shadow work can really come into play and we can learn a lot about who we are, and what we need. When the coolness turns into depression or heavy emotions, don’t be afraid to ask for help or do some exercises that allow you to dive into the depths of what you are experiencing. Call upon the heavy grounding quality of Kapha to assist you in this process and bring you the energy of feeling safe and secure as you do the deep work that can be done during this time of year. 


Stability can show up through feeling grounded and you can use this to ground you in your work. This is also a great quality when we need to get out of our mind and into our bodies. Think root chakra. It may be helpful to do some meditations that help you get more connected with rooted energy. When we are in our bodies, we are more closely connected to our intuition and this could be helpful as we plant and nourish those seeds of manifestation that will blossom during spring! 


Use the slow quality of Kapha to keep you in the present moment. When you slow down your pace, and you might find that it greatly contributes to your productivity. This may seem counter-intuitive, but remember, slow and steady wins the race, especially during the Kapha time of year. When we slow down and cultivate presence, we allow intuition to flow and in this space, we can accomplish great things and find the best route to completing our tasks.


the smooth and lubricating qualities of Kapha show up as the ability to move with ease. It can be helpful to keep this in mind when you find yourself in a place of stress during this time of year. We tend to get caught up in the energy of trying to make things happen, whether it be trying to find the money to pay for Christmas presents or trying to put organize work parties of gatherings at home. When the stress of the season starts to grab hold of you, think about moving smoothly through your to-do list. Allow your self to feel nourished with every accomplishment and tap into your breath whenever you need to smooth out any tension in the body. 


When we soften our hearts and open ourselves up, we are allowing ourselves to be seen and to receive. This also allows us to share ourselves generously with the world. This can be frightening, especially when you have a lot to share and are afraid that no one will want what we have to offer. Sometimes it can feel like that more we have to share, the more we feel we have to lose when we are not fully received. Try softening to the idea that it is your own personal act of service to share yourself with the world, and let go of the idea that you need to receive anything return. See where it takes you. The nurturing and receptive quality can allow us to flow more towards success and receiving during this time of year. 


The sticky quality of Kapha reminds me of the energy of attraction. This is a great time of year to take action that honors yourself and others and focus on service and collaboration. We all feel good when we receive a little bit of extra love during this time of year. If you tap into this quality and send some extra appreciation to your clients, loved ones, or co-workers it will deepen the bond and create a closer connection that serves all. Powerful collaboration creates an abundance of productivity. 


 Density is an accumulation of substance. This can show up as stamina and you might find yourself having a greater ability to retain information, prolong physical activity once you get started, and expand your mental capacity. Think depth. Density allows us to truly deepen our commitments to ourselves and our goals. Use this Quality to help you go deep into productivity. 


If you are implementing a new routine allow the heavy qualities of Kapha to be something that helps it stick. For example, you might implement a new morning routine that consists of taking herbs, self-massage, and tongue scraping, or you might commit to journaling every morning, With the weighed and heavy quality of Kapha, you’ll be able to really nail down these new practices and make them something that is much more permanent in your life.  

Try implementing one tip at a time as you move through the winter season, and see how it helps you to stay productive. It’s a lot less overwhelming when we take things on in small pieces, so maybe focus on one quality at a time, and see how you can make some lasting mental shifts. 

Next week, I’ll be taking you on a journey through the organs in the body. We’ll explore how each organ is affected by the kappa dosha and I’ll give you some tips on finding balance. When we balance our body, we can balance our lives!

I hope you have a beautiful and productive new year!  

Love and Moonlight! 

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