Powerful Lessons that Guided Me Through 2018.

photo credit: Barbara Bowman

There is no such thing as Failure, only lessons- Pharell Williams

Illuminate the word “if” and replace it with “when”- Alicia Keys 

Self-love can change the world.

Music and creativity will always save me.

We attract from the place of my core beliefs, so I need to be deeply mindful of what those are and if that’s really what I want. 

My daily routine is everything, and when I fall off, it’s the most forgiving. 

Herbs are some of the best friends I’ll ever have. 

Community is so important! Sometimes, friends will show up when family won’t, and they won’t expect anything in return but the knowledge that they can support you through your struggle.

Sister’s and St. Johns wart will always make it better.

If we can desire it, it is because we are meant to have it, we just have to get out of our own way. A special coach of mine taught me that.

When I sit with a feeling long enough and really allow myself to feel it, it soon dissipates. The most important thing after that is the energy I choose to fill the space with.

photo credit: Barbara Bowman

The universe, god, goddess (whatever resonates) is constantly sending messages when we are on the right path, or when we need to make a detour. It’s important to listen. 

If jealousy arises, it’s because the person that is the point of jealousy is representing the same qualities that I keep hidden in myself. Therefore, jealousy is unnecessary and loving them will help me love me. 

It’s important to be okay with letting things go,  Especially if it’s becoming hard to hold on. The memory will always remain.

Choosing what’s easy doesn’t mean not showing up. Instead, it allows us to do more with less resistance. 

Stress can truly kill, so being mindful enough to pay attention to our responses to life daily stimulants and challenges can save our lives. 

Love is not just a fairytale journey that starts with an everlasting spark. Sometimes it hurts, and sometimes it’s work, but it is never a waste of time. 

Trusting my gut instincts will lead me to satisfaction and safety. 

Being open to anything will bring so much more than I could ever plan. 

       The #1 lesson I’ve learned: Patience.

As we journey into the new year, it is my full intention to take these lessons with me and live my life out loud with conviction and fierce urgency to shine my light every step of the way. It is my prayer that this will inspire you to do the same. 

2019, here we come! 

Love and Moonlight


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