What to Expect During Kapha Season.

 Kapha Season occurs during late winter and early spring and represents the elements of earth and water. In many parts of the world during this time of year, the water elements begin to freeze and fall from the sky in the form of snow. The crisp cold air from fall carries over and the nights become longer, leaving more time for the moon to be seen in the sky. The rough and dry qualities of Vata are still beneath the surface but are now met with the heavy dense and cold qualities of Kapha. This tends the be a time of nesting and going inward. For some, this is a time of large feasts and connection. It can also be easy to feel stuck in emotions and depression, brain fog and sluggishness.

All of these things are a sign that the Kapha season is here. 

What imbalances come with Kapha Season?

During Kapha season, we tend to be more susceptible to mucous in the sinuses and lungs which show up in the form of more wet natured illnesses like sinus infections and colds.

 Some may experience a hard time waking in the morning, especially if you tend to sleep past 10 a.m.  There may be an increase in appetite during this season and you might notice that your digestion is a bit more sluggish. It can be easy to develop a habit of emotional eating during this time year.  Seasonal depression is also common during this time of year, and a sign of a Kapha increase.

You may find it harder to move through the day or through your emotional blocks. 

If you have ever experienced any of these imbalances in the past and wondered to yourself why they always seem to heighten around this time of year, now you know that it may have a lot to do with the fact that its Kapha season.

Never fear! There are joyful aspects of Kapha season a well. 

It’s a great time to plant and nourish seeds off intention. You might find it easier to implement and solidify new sel- care practices. Its a great time of year to share warming moments with loved ones and friends. We have the ability to really increase our strength and vitality during this season by focusing on getting more sleep and making loving connections with ourselves as well.

The Kapha season can be a wonderful, nourishing, unctuous and jovial time of year. The winter wellness series is going to provide you with the tips you need to navigate the season and the imbalances it may bring with a bit more ease. 

Now that you know a bit more about what to expect during Kapha season, check out next weeks article on how to find balance during the Kapha Season!

Love and moonlight!

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