Six-Week Winter Wellness Series.

Winter reminds me of cold cheeks and warm drinks. Evenings spent wrapped In blankets and the smell of hearty soup simmering in the crockpot. It’s the time of the year where the moon sits highest in the dark night sky and nature turns inward to rest and recuperate for spring. 

For many, it can truly be the most wonderful time of the year, but just as with any seasons, winter has its ups and down, and many times it cane helpful to have certain tools to make it through the season. 

According to  Ayurvedic teachings, this is the Kapha time of year. We can experience everything from the joys of connection to the depths of depression. 

 I’ve put together a 6-week winter wellness series fill of tips to help you. We will cover everything from what to expect during Kapha season, tips for winter productivity, and a deliciously warming beet and carrot soup recipe. Plus, so much more! 

Week 1: What to Expect during Kapha season.

Week 2: Finding Balance during Kapha Season.

Week 3: Staying Productive During the Winter Season.

Week 4: Ayurveda and the Organs.

Week 5: Warming Beet and Carrot Soup Recipe.

Week 6: Ayurveda, Kapha and Weight Loss.

Wishing you warmth!

Love and Moonlight 

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