Vata Reducing Pranayama

A huge part of yoga is pranayama practice. I have recently been deepening my pranayama practice, and I have gained so much from it! It has helped me to calm my mind, soothe my emotions, and think before I react in stressful situations so that I can come from a place of love and compassion. Aside from the mental benefits, pranayama also has many health benefits. It can help to elongate the life, increase vitality, and it a great way to remove toxins from the bloodstream through the breath.

Today, I want to share with a pranayama practice that will help you ground Vata. This practice can be used anywhere at any time during the day.

So Hum Breathing

Start by taking a deep breath, sending the breath through the diaphragm and to the lower part of the waist. Imagine your breathing into the edges of the body. As you breathe in, mentally chant the word “So”. Let the word ring out with the duration of the breath. On your out breath mentally chant the word “Hum”.

The translation of this chant is I am “so” and that ”hum”, “I am that” It is considered to reflect the sound of the breath, which is why one word goes with the in breath and the other with the out breath.

This pranayama practice is excellent for beginners and is easy to do. You can start by doing ten repetitions and work your way up. It’s great to do anytime you feel worried, anxious, nervous, or need to ground into the present moment. It is also a great practice to do first thing in the morning and before bed as part of your daily routine.

Below, I have created a guided meditation for you to follow along with as you do your so hum pranayama.

I hope this breath brings you peace, clarity, and a sense of deep grounding this fall.
Love and Moonlight.

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