Balancing the Feminine Energies.

It means a lot to be a women in this world!

We can carry a lot and because of that, it’s so important to take time for ourselves. We have huge roles in the world. There are three energies that refer to these roles. This would be the energy of Maiden, Mother, and Crone.  As Maidens, Mothers, and Crones, we go through a deep cycle of change and transformation. Typically we are experiencing all three of these energies at any time of our life, but there are also stages of life that are related to these energies as well. Maiden time is the early stage of life from childhood to early 20s. Mother time is the middle stage of life and Crone represents the later stage, closer to the end of our life.

Some of us are entrepreneurs. Some of us are Moms, and some of us are fierce working women who barely get a break from our busy lives. Sometimes we are in a place of completion and we hold an abundance of knowledge, and sometimes we are just beginning to embark on a new journey.

Most of the times we are juggling the role of all three energies at once.

No matter where was are in relevance to these energies, taking care of ourselves is important, and it’s good to know how to pay attention and understand what is needed at that time.

A little info on female energies.


Maiden Energy

The energy of the maiden is playful, creative, and full of youth. When we are balanced in our maiden energy we are a spark of bright light. We have the ability to think up and create truly anything and we are always inspired. Our minds and wombs are fertile and we have the ability to tap into our ability to fill up with energy and power. The waxing phase of the moon cycle corresponds with the energy of the maiden in this way. We are at a time where we are an open vessel ready to receive intuition and creative energy. When this energy is out of balance we can feel overwhelmed and sometimes over inspired. We may be receiving multiple downloads and creative inspiration which is great, but what tends to happen is that we set a lot of fires that we don’t typically tend to. We will be super inspired to start projects, but we don’t always follow through. This is where the Mother energy comes in.


Mother Energy

Mother energy is nourishing and full powered feminine energy. The energy of the full moon corresponds with mother energy. It is the time of conception and birth. We pass through the fertile inspirational phase of the Maiden and enter into the Mother where we are able to feed and nourish and care for all of the creations we have fostered into existence. This is a magical and powerful energy that allows for us to truly see things through support our creations, whether they be in the physical as a child, or in the energetic realm as manifestations of creativity.

When the Mother energy is out of balance, we can feel exhausted and overwhelmed. We tend to feel as though we are giving so much attention to others, that we are lacking the attention and self-care we personally need. It is beautiful to be in our mother energy, but when it becomes so strong that we forget to give some of that energy to ourselves, we can start to feel depleted.

Crone Energy

The Crone energy is the energy of the waining and new moon. This is the winding down. The all-knowing energy that allows us to take a step back and hold space for what has been nourished and created into existence. It represents the end of a cycle and completion. This is the time when we reflect on all that we’ve been through and all that we’ve done and we are blessed with morsels of wisdom from all of our experiences. Because of this wisdom, we are in a place of reverence to others around us because we are about to share what we know with others.

When the Crone energy is out of balance, we can become a bit cynical. We can start to think that because we’ve been through it all, we know it all and we don’t need to be open to other ideas or information. We can because very secluded or stuck in our ways.

The thing about all of these energies that is most fascinating is that we are always living through all of them, and we do not have to go through one to get to the other. We may be experiencing imbalances in any of them at any time. This is why it is good to know what these imbalances look like.

How do we find balance?

I have a deep belief that self-care is a significant key to finding balance. If you are experiencing and overwhelm of maiden energy, it is good to take some time to sit in meditation to ground yourself. Creative energy can be wild, but when we take the time to ground this energy we have a better opportunity to channel it where we need it to go. Make lists and let them be your guide to getting things done. Most importantly, take it slow and just focus on bight size pieces taking it one step at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Sometimes our mind can be in overdrive as we are filling up with so much energy. Herbs can be a good ally in this case. I personally like to take a formula called Tranquil Mind or Ashwagandha as both help to soothe my nervous system and calm my anxiety so that I can be in a clear place to focus on what needs to get done.

If you are looking to step back a bit and balance out the Mother energy, take a break. Go for a walk or a hike or treat yourself to a day of relaxation. We can go into overdrive trying to get things done and while this can be highly productive, it can be equally depleting. Give yourself some time away from your projects and your role as a nourishing mother to others or to projects and focus that energy inward. Think about what is most nourishing to you and allow your self to indulge.

When your crone energy seems to be out of balance, it may be helpful to open up to new experiences and new possibilities. Let yourself go out and maybe mix things up a bit. You might try to eat at a different restaurant or try a food you’ve never had before. You may want to sit in conversation with someone who has different views as you and see if you can open up to seeing things from their perspective. It can also be a good idea to just hold space and listen, instead of trying to prove your point of make sure your opinion is heard. This will allow you to be in a place where you are able to receive something you may not know.

As women, we are so blessed to be connected to all of these energies, and when they are in balance it is a beautiful representation of our divine power. When we know how to tap into these energies and navigate through them, there really isn’t anything we can’t do!

Love and Moonlight!

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