Consenting to Discomfort.

I have recently been leading a community consent circle based on the #MeToo movement that recently went viral on Facebook.

When I saw that this was happening, I was so proud of all of the people I knew who were tapping into their vulnerability and sharing their stories.

I realized that while this was such a powerful and amazing step, it couldn’t just end there.
A women in my community had sent out a call that she was looking for someone to facilitate this space in my community and I immediately jumped on board, Around the same time I had people coming to me personally, close friends of mine who were telling me about situations they had been in where there trust and boundaries had been violated. That paired with my honor for the courage of others stepping into the discomfort that vulnerability calls for was enough to make me realize that it was majorly important for me to hold this space.



Since I started the MeToo: Community Consent Circle, my awareness consent, self-empowerment, and boundaries have been heightened. Something that came up for me as I was planning for the most recent gathering was the fact that discomfort is such a huge factor in our growth. I thought about the discomfort that comes from having the courage to step out and speak on these experiences. I thought about the discomfort that comes up when we are trying to assert and honor our boundaries with others. It is even uncomfortable to simply talk about sex.

While I honor the fact that everyone has their own process, I started to really think about how much I equally honor those who are willing to step into this place of discomfort.

It can be hard, but it can be the result of so much bravery, courage, and resilience. I like to think about the analogy of a seed.


When a seed is planted into the earth, it is placed in the depths of the dark and it takes time, heat and pressure for that seed to blossom into a flower., but by no means is it an easy task. It is, however, a natural process. Discomfort is something that is a natural part of our life cycle. It is the tapas., the transformational fire that we all must walk through to make it to our most sattvic, highest potential.

I hold space at the Me Too: Community Consent Circle so that I can create a safe container where people can practice stepping into this discomfort and working it out through exercises so that they know how to approach it in a real-life situation. I myself have taken the lessons I teach and have been applying them to my own life because I believe so deeply that I must practice what I teach, and the results have been electrifying. It has been scary, and at times I have been unsure of what the outcome would be, but that’s what makes it juicy!

So I have something I want to ask you today. Will you step into your own fire, and see what you can burn away? Will you try to find where you might be resisting discomfort, and if it is discomfort that will make you grow, then maybe re-evaluate that resistance and see where it takes you? If you can reach inside yourself and find a, yes, then I salute you. If you aren’t quite ready to consent to discomfort, then I ask you to investigate that a bit and see what may be holding you back, then honor that part of you with love.


I wish you well on your transformational journeys!

Love and Moonlight.

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