Hard to Manifest.

If you are a rider on the LOA train, then you know that the key to manifesting is alignment. When you feel centered, balanced and stable, you will notice that things come to you with ease, You focus on what you want and you draw it into you. It’s quite a magical phenomenon and the only way to even approach it all is with gratitude.

But, what happens when manifestation gets hard?

What if you are going through a rough time or having trouble finding your alignment. Sometimes work gets in the way or you get stuck in the fact that you aren’t exactly where you want to be when you want to be there.

This article will help you find your way back to a place of alignment when it seems like the odds are against you, or you just can’t seem to find that sweet spot.

Take a breather


There’s a reason that one of the main habits of a successful people is meditation. Our connection to our breath is our direct connection to our ability to manipulate life force energy. It is very true that the quality of our breath dictates the quality of our mind and when we can breathe and slow down, we have a much better grip on things like anxiety and emotion. Even 10 minutes of silence and connection the breath can make a difference. Typically we tell ourselves that we don’t have time to meditate, even if it’s a simple 2 minutes. I challenge you to find the time! Make it a game. See how long you actually can sit down and breath without interruption, you might just find that you have more time than you thought.

Make a list


If there’s one thing I love, it’s making a good list! Lists help to put all of your goals in one place so you can easily look back at them and check them off as they are accomplished. It feels really good to cross a line through a task and realize that it is complete. You can list big things, or start with the little things. This can be as simple as listing the things you want to do in the day. The beauty of this is that every list you complete is a paper trail of how far you’ve come, and that can be pretty inspirational when you feel like you are stuck and going nowhere.

Affirm and affirm again

Creating affirmations is a big part of manifestation. Sound is vibration, and when we speak it, we receive it. Affirmations are a great way to verbally communicate to the universe what it is you want to call in. Affirm who you are, Affirm who you want to be! Tell the universe exactly what it is you want to call in and do so often. You can create affirmations based on very simple statements that are easy to remember. For example, an affirmation could be “I am transforming at every moment.” Or, “I am on the right path.”  Affirmations help us maintain a level of focus and when we focus on what we want, we receive more of it.

Honor your natural rhythms

There is a lot to be said about honoring the natural cycle of things. Everything has a cycle. The sun, the seasons, the hours of the day and the moon. As we move through time, we move through these cycles and pick up the energy of any given point in that cycle. In the science of Ayurveda, this is extremely important because it is all about working with a certain point in a cycle to find balance and harmony. This is important to remember when manifestation seems to take a turn because it helps us to understand that we aren’t always going to be on a high, and that’s okay. If we can learn to honor the natural cycle of things, we can learn to be more content with where we are at any given time. I personally like to follow the cycle of the moon because it is a great reminder of that fact that you can’t have the light without the dark and it helps me get through the times where things don’t feel as aligned as I may want them to.

Write it out


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million time, words are powerful! Writing something down is a solid way to communicate your intentions to the universe. When we take the time to write out our intentions, we are essentially setting it and forgetting it and allowing the manifestation to begin. I personally take time during every new moon to write down my intentions for the upcoming cycle. Most of the time, unless there is something on the list I’m not quite aligned with yet, most of the intentions come to fruition.

Just be

In the book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, he says“If you observe nature at work, you will see that least effort is expended.”

The beauty of this statement is that we create the most when we just let go. and allow ourselves to be. Be where you are, be who you are and know that who you are is exactly who you want to be if you believe it to be so. This may sound incredibly cryptic, but it’s really quite simple. You may have goals and dreams but the only way to align what you want is to be completely certain in the fact that it is already yours and you are already there. This is where the age-old term comes in, “fake it ’til you make it.” Take some time to. really get in touch with the version of you that has the life you want, and then find a few key aspects of that person that you can really feel into, then just allow yourself to be that in the present moment.

Now that you have some tools to help you through those moments when it seems hard to manifest, your journey towards creating the life you’ve always wanted should be much easier. The most important thing to remember is that nothing is permanent. We may find ourselves at a low point, but with a bit of optimism and patience, we’ll always make it back around to the top.

Love and moonlight!

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