Ayureveda and the Eyes

One reason I love Ayurveda is that it gives us the ability to work with herbs to help ourselves align with the natural rhythms of the earth to promote healing in our bodies. Lately, I have been thinking about how I can use Ayurveda to support my vision. This was all stemmed from an accident where I ended up sitting on breaking my glasses. I tried taping them together, and when that didn’t work, I was forced to just accept it and figure out ways to work with my eyesight instead of feeling upset. It got me thinking that maybe I should do some research and look towards my herbal allies to help me with my problem. Below, I have listed some herbs that support the vision. I’m sharing it so that we can all have strong healthy eyes that will allow us to continue to gaze towards the moon and beyond!

Herbs for the Eyes 


Arjuna is good for circulation and blood pressure. High blood pressure can be a cause of blurred vision and is particularly a cause of loss of vision in those with diabetes.

Using this herb to balance out blood pressure could help you to obtain proper vision as well.  A healthy heart equals healthy eyes.

We never really think about it, but digestion could help with eye health as well. This is because digestion is at the root of health in Ayurveda. When we are digesting nutrients properly they are assimilating into the organs in the body that will benefit the most from those nutrients. Great herbs that help to bolster digestion include fennel, coriander, and cumin.

You can buy these herbs separately to use in your food, or take them in a tea. Banyan Botanicals offers what they call a CCF tea, which is a premade blend of all of these herbs. It’s great because you can just add them to a tea ball, put them in hot water, and your on your way to proper digestion which equals optimal health.

Bhringaraj is also a great herb to use for eyesight. It has the ability to reduce stress and strain in the body and this could help with relaxation of the muscles in the eyes.  Many of us have jobs where we have to stare at computers for a large portion of our day. This can cause intense strain on the eyes. Try adding Bhringaraj to your daily routine. If you take the herbs in water or a smoothie daily, you won’t only be supporting your vision, but you will also be supporting hair and nail growth as well!

I hope this article was helpful in giving you some Ayurvedic insight into how you can take care of your eyes. If you have any other interested eyesight remedies, share your knowledge in the comments below!

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