The Feminine

The feminine is strong. 

yet, soft and loyal. 

It is sexy and intelligent and not ashamed or afraid to just be. 

It is receptive to all things

the pain, the heart ache

the beauty, and the joy.

It embraces all of the components that make this life juicy messy and real.

It’s not afraid to cry,

to open up wounds and be vulnerable to the world. 

The femenine stands tall 

belly thighs, hips and all shaking and shining as bright as the sun. 

It is holy and wholey a reflection of the truest and deepest divine. 

It doesn’t fear being loud,

clumsy or  wrong.

It doesn’t wallow in jealousy, comparison or defeat. 

It knows that at all times

 it is the epitome of enough. 

The feminine is receptive to all things and asks for what is needed with grace.

It doesn’t have to be right.

It listens to  intuition, 

allowing it to roll and ripple through the threshold of the body in omniscient waves,

It dances with life force energy, in constant play with what animates it’s being.


The feminine is guttural, it moans, screams and also whispers.

It can bring hope and inspiration through the vibration of words, but also knows when to hold space in powerful silence. 

It is beauty defined, and potent.

It sparks worlds from the womb of creation, sending out transformation  in the form of movement, music and art.

The feminine is fierce strong, and revered.

The root to society and a magnificent gift from above that graciously resides within us all. 

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