Coming to the Altar of your Womb Space and Healing from the Root.

I have been on a personal journey of getting back in touch with my womb. Back in July 2017 I attended a Red Tenet Priestess initiation. We talked about the women’s mysteries surrounding our womb and our moon cycle and how to facilitate sister circles. We dug deep into what it meant to tap in to the essence and knowledge of our wombs. This was such an eye-opening journey for me. The experience really took me to a place of deep exploration. The one event showed me how to love myself and my cycle.

I learned that through deep meditation, I could tap into a world of knowledge that lies within my body at all times. I began to feel less shame towards my cycle and more gratitude for the opportunity to work with it in a multitude of ways. Now I focus on what I eat, I focus on how I speak to myself and to my womb, I listen to my intuition through tapping in to my womb space in deep meditation and I honor the messages I receive. What’s been coming up for me lately is how this is a direct connection to my root chakra. The womb space is the home inside of many women. It is the home that we come from. Our own personal space of bliss. It is where we house new life and it is where we give birth to creativity as well!

Our cycle is also very important when it comes to yoga. We honor our bodies very deeply in practice and there are certain asanas and kriyas that are contraindicated when it comes to women being on their cycle. This isn’t because we are weak at that time, but it is a way that we further honor the beauty of the time we are experiencing. The Vedas even connected the doshas to the moon cycle and they use them to describe certain imbalances that may show up so that we know how to properly ten to our womb and have the most fruitful experience we can during our cycle.

When looking this deeply into our cycle, we are tapping into the connection we all have with our cycle and providing ourselves with the love we need that will invoke a natural process of healing. What I find to be beautiful is that when we tap into healing our womb space through getting in touch with our cycle as women, we are also tapping in to healing the root chakra.

Through doing this sacred work, we will find security within ourselves, home within ourselves wherever we are, and foundation that when healed to the fullest extent can be unshakable.

Here are some things you can do to tap into your womb space and your root chakra. If you are male and want to tap into the root chakra and the natural ability to heal it you can do some of these practices as well, just place you hands in the space where your womb would be if you were a female and imagine the energy that lies there, for it lies within you as well.

Listen to Your Womb Space

Meditate on the intuition you receive from this space. Breath deeply into the womb space and listen. Don’t try to control what comes up, just focus on the breath and listen deeply.

Move into Your Healing Nature

Dance while holding your womb space. When we dance, we tap into another realm, and at times when we close our eyes and allow our body to move in whatever way it is called. Notice what comes up. I have learned that for me this is a place where deep security comes in. In this space I often feel held by the universe and in a mindset where I can really tap into home.

 Walk with Your Inner Guide

Walk with your womb. Take a walk out in nature and get in touch with mother earth. Allow yourself to have some time to just flow and see where you are led. You may notice that ideas come up and you may feel a sense of safety, knowing that you are being guided from within.

 Write what You Feel

Take about 15 minutes out of each day to sit down with a cup of tea and a journal and write. You can do stream of consciousness or follow a journal prompt. Just do so while channeling the essence of your womb space and your root chakra and see what comes up for you.

Read into the Nature of Your Cycle

Read up on the ways our cycle can show up in our body in relation to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga. This will help you be more deeply in tune with the nature of your cycle. Banyan Botanicals has a great article on women’s cycle health that will help you with this!

 Gentle Yoga During your Moon Time

Gentle Yin Yoga is a great way to honor your body when on your moon. Through this form of yoga you can open up the body and allow for the flow of the cycle as well as the intuition to move through you. When really tapping in to yin asanas and breath, you can deepen your connection and truly get to know what coming to the altar of your womb space to heal at the root feels like.

In time you will see that tapping in to your womb space and your cycle will help you to heal your root chakra, and this is the basis of overall healing and well-being.


Share With Me!

After you’ve had the chance to give these practices a try, feel free to comment on how they work for you! I would love to hear about how you are connecting to your womb space and healing your root chakra!


Love and moonlight!

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