5 Ways to Tap into the Power of the Breath.

20170505_165820When you breathe into every part of your body, you are sending this life force through you, thus changing your cells and the way you live and think. Here is a list of 5 ways to tap into the power of the breath!

1.Breathe life and energy into your mantras!

Working with the breath and mantras together can deeply enhance the effects of the mantra. This will bring you into a state of deep meditation. Breathe into the base of your spine and then send out your breath completely. While doing so, focus on repeating a mantra. The mantra can be one you’ve created yourself, like an “I Am” statement, or it can be a Vedic or Buddhist mantra. The combination of breath and mantra is powerful, divine, and transformative.

2.Use the breath to aid in self-healing.

If ever I feel a cold coming on, I sit for about 20-30 minutes and I breathe. I allow my body to come to a place of complete relaxation and begin to envision a bright light flowing through me. Using my breath, I Imagine that I am sending this light through my chest, nose and lungs, and any place  that I know will be affected by a cold. When I do this, I come out of my meditation and the symptoms of a cold coming on are vanished. This is because I am tuning into a state of being  that allows the body to do what it was meant to do which is heal its self. The breath is an important factor in this process because it helps to relax the body in just the right way so the healing can take place.

3.Breathe deep to calm anxiety.

When we feel anxious or overwhelmed, breathing is the best medicine. We have it as a tool at our disposal at all times and for this, we can be grateful! In our daily lives, there is so much to react to and if we are not careful, we can easily get over stimulated. Tapping into the breath allows us to calm anxiety and take a step back from an overwhelming situation so that we can see it from a different perspective.

4.Use special sequences of breathing to aide in manifestation!

There is a special type of breath work called gamma breathing, This is a series of 13 breaths that are formatted to upgrade energy levels and activate the pineal gland . It can put you into a state of relaxation that allows for clear communication through the neuropathways and releases a small dose of the dream chemical, DMT into your brain. This puts you in a state of constructive relaxation. From this place you can heal old wounds and intentions to manifest into your life. When this 13 breath sequence is practiced regularly and guided properly can truly boost your process of manifestation.

5.Breathe in and out to let the life force flow!

When you breath in, you are receiving Prana. Prana is pure life force energy circulating through the cells and renewing the body with each breath you take in. This intake of prana aides in your expansion by opening the nadis, tiny pathways that are a vital part of your energy body. As you breathe out, you are releasing toxins, blockages, and grounding deeply into your energy. In yoga, this process is described as prana and apana. Breath is a sacred tool that changes our entire being and helps you to deeply connect to yourself!

Share with me!

Now that you know how to tap into the power of the breath, give some of these exercises a try and feel free to share how they’ve improve your life in the comments below! If you would like to receive assistance in breathwork and guided meditations, let’s connect! I would love to be your guide in helping you tap into the power of the breath and all that it can do!

Love and moonlight!

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