5 Signs You are Manifesting!

What is Manifestation?

Many people hear the word manifestation and react in many different ways. Some feel a sense of hope and joy, while others feel a sinking in the pit of their belly. Some don’t even consider manifestation to be a thing. Manifestation is a big word but if we take the time to break down what it means, we will notice that we are in a constant state of manifestation. This will further empower us to know that we create the life we want to live.

The Latin word manifestar means “to discover .” In the dictionary, the definition for manifestation is ” easily understood or recognized by the mind.” We can clearly see that to manifest is to discover that an idea in our mind is appearing in our physical reality. This is something we do all the time!

5 signs that you are manifesting!

1. You receive something you thought about having.

I met with a client and brought her a journal. When I handed her the journal her eyes lit up! She was so thankful and told me that just that morning she was thinking about getting a journal! For her to receive this journal without even making an effort toward getting it was a form of manifestation. She didn’t resist the idea of wanting this journal and she didn’t instantly try to solve the problem of not having the journal and it appeared. When manifesting, you simply have to decide fully that you want something. Think about it and the universe will coincide with your thoughts to bring it in through a series of events. In this case, she thought about the journal. I woke up on the same day and thought, “let me buy her a journal for our meeting so she has a place to write her prompts.” We met, and she received!

2. You write down intentions and they are met.

Using written word to manifest is powerful! When we write down what it is we want to bring in, there is an automatic sense of letting it go. You put it on paper and assume that the intention will be met. The simplest way you do this is when you write a to-do list. You write the list, you know you will get everything on the list done. You go about your day with the list in mind, not judging it, just taking action to complete it. When you are in a flow with the list, all of a sudden you discover that you are to your last item and everything you intended to get done is done. I have done the same thing with life intentions many times, as I like to set my intentions with the new moon. I am always elated to discover that when I go over my list at the end of the moon cycle, most if not all of my intentions are check off! I write them down and I go through life knowing what I intend to receive will manifest and allowing it to flow in in whatever way it is meant to show up.

3. You think of a feeling and more experiences supporting that feeling arise.

Our emotions are another powerful tool in manifestation. Emotions are based on energy and if you know a little bit about law of attraction then you know that like attracts like. When you are thinking about a feeling, you tend to attract more experiences that support that energetic feeling. Take a moment to remember a time when you woke up feeling gratitude andexcitementt about your day. Think of the feeling you get on your birthday. You wake up excited and knowing that this is your day and you expect that you are going to receive. The experiences throughout the day  that flow to you just boost that feeling and by the end of the day you are glowing and sitting on top of the world! You manifested a wonderful birthday just through having a positive receptive mindset. The best part about this is that it doesn’t have to be your birthday. You have the choice to wake up in this mindset everyday. Your brain will focus on and naturally discover more and more experiences to feed that mindset. This is manifesting!

4.You visualize a situation and experience parts or all of your visualization.

Sometimes manifestation can truly blow our minds. We will envision a day or situation going a certain way and see that it turns out the way we visualized it happening. This can be done within seconds or depending on how much you hold on to the specifics of the visualization it can take some time. When you are walking into a room and in your mind before you get on the other side of the door you imagine what will be there, then open the door and see that what you visualized was correct, That is manifestation! This is the most basic form of visualization but many people use it on a higher level through meditation to create much greater outcomes.

5. You speak it and receive it!


Many times just the act of declaring that you will do or receive something will ring it in. This is manifesting through the vibration of sound. There are also beliefs that the words we sat have a geometric pattern to them. This requires a deeper level of understanding but let’s keep this simple. When you declare something out loud, and the situation arrives, you are speaking into existence.

Share with me!

Share a time when you practiced manifestation and didn’t even realize you were doing it! If you need support in manifesting your dreams, get in touch! Let’s create your life by the moon together!

Love and Moonlight

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