Call in Your Power: Writing Prompt for Energetic strength.


What does it Mean to Call in Your Power?

When you call in your power, you are energetically calling in vital energy that you feel you have lost. You may have given this energy from a place of love, or it may have been taken from you without your consent. Often times we are giving away our power to the people we care about the most. However, sometimes we give away our power to people stuck in places of negativity or situations that hold a low vibration. Sometimes, we give away our power when we are children, and never think to get it back.

You may notice that you feel weak, anxious or you just tired and depleted. When we aren’t standing in your full power, it can show up in many different ways. It may be hard to stand up for yourself or receive love. You may even find that you don’t value yourself as much as you should and this will affect your perception of what you feel you deserve.

When you call in your power, you choose to stand fully in your truth and not take no for an answer. You choose not to allow anyone to have unnecessary holds on you. You choose to call back your autonomy and allow yourself to be the leader of your life. You are taking control of your self-talk and changing it to a tone that supports you instead of breaking you down. This powerful process can change the way you look at and move through this life.

How does it Work?

Many times, you can sit in meditation and imagine all of the places you assume you have been releasing most of your vital energy to. From there, you can visualize it coming back to you. Think about the places in your body where you feel weak, and imagine that power shooting back into those places and filling them back up with powerful strength. When you repeat practices such as this, you slowly begin to grow and you will notice yourself changing and feeling much more powerful. Sometimes just meditating doesn’t feel like enough and we may need a little extra help.

A Powerful Writing Exercise to Try!

I have pulled this writing prompt from my book, Write by the Moon: A 28-Day Journal Companion for Manifesting with the Cycle of the Moon.

Complete the writing prompt, and then meditate on the Moon Mantra, and come back to it when you feel depleted of your power. Although this prompt is based on a particular day in the moon cycle, you can do it at any time to aid you in bringing in your energy.

Power Up!

A big part of accomplishing our dreams is feeling empowered to do so. A lot of us look for outside support to motivate us. We look to our friends, family and loved ones, which is important, but sometimes it’s hard to find that outside support. Sometimes you have a goal that you just aren’t ready to share. The one thing that the light of the waxing moon can remind you of is the light you hold inside. It’s always there, and it’s always something you can tap into whether you realize it or not. Here, you will take some time to power up that light! Write out some positive statements that make you feel empowered.


I have come so far on my journey and this makes me feel proud of myself!

I have all of the energy I need inside of me to get things done!

Whatever I stick to, I can do!

So, what gives you power? Go ahead, write it down! Come back to this anytime you need a boost.

Moon Mantra:

I stand tall in my power!


Share with Me!

Have you noticed a situation in your life where you really feel the need to bring your power back? If so please feel free to share in the comments below. Sharing is a great way to release the things that have a deep hold on you. Sometimes sharing can be hard so if you feel like you need to share, but don’t want to do it on a public forum, feel free to get in touch for a 1 on 1 coaching call.

Love and Moonlight!

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