Super Moon 2017: New Moon in Gemini(not Taurus)

textgram_1495866612How Was This Super Moon in Gemini Super Insightful for Me?

I made a huge mistake this time around and I’m going to be brave and publicly admit it!

It was brought my attention by a dear friend yesterday that the new moon is in Gemini, and not Taurus, which is what I thought because I am so used to looking to my lovely and insightful calendar, one of my typically trusted resources, to guide me in the astrological placement of the moon.

I had posted a picture on Instagram giving you all some helpful mantras on how to manifest with the grounded earthy energy of Taurus. I was so excited to share it with all of you and I had such a great time putting together the design! Later I received a friendly message informing that the moon was in fact in Gemini.

What!?!? How could this be? Naturally, I deleted the post immediately on account of not wanting to share misleading content.
I could have sworn that I had it all together! I thought I had been paying close attention.

I double checked my calendar, and sure enough, there was a flaw in my research. I had neglected to notice that the moon had transitioned early in the morning and it had, in fact, slipped out of Taurus and into Gemini without me even noticing!

So, my mistake everyone, and happy belated New, Super, Moon in Gemini!

Why Was this Such a Big Deal?

A huge part of being humble is, knowing when to take a step back from your perceived role and allowing yourself to learn something. Since I had been mistaken on the placement of the moon, I decided to look up another trusted moon reading for this month.

“To make the best of this moon we must commit to an inner journey that may be scary.

“We may have to face the fact that what we thought we wanted is but a pale reflection of who we truly are.

“Insights arising at a new super moon can change a life if we let them.

These quotes are from one of Mystic Mamas featured astrologers, Sara Varcas and were included in her New Moon Super Moon in Gemini May 25th 2017 reading.

This really got me thinking about my own life and what I’ve personally been focusing on lately. Quite honestly, before I even read this article, I had already been rolling it all over in my mind all week! This was almost a sign of relief! It let me know that even when I don’t notice, the moon is still guiding me!

A huge part of what I do and what I share with all of you is based on how I live my life by the moon and the energetic lessons that the moon brings.
These lessons seem to have the best effect if you let go and let the emotions and situations in your life flow without hold or too much judgment.

There are times when my life seems to get so busy that I get carried away. I am having the most amazing journey learning about ways to make Life by the Moon Yoga better. I’ve been meeting people and coming into situations that seem to naturally enhance this journey. On top of that, I am also trying to hold responsibility for other parts of my life. This includes working another job to support the dream and trying to reintegrate myself back into performing, which is yet another role I play.

What is This Super Moon Been Trying to Show Me?

I have been getting caught up in trying to juggle entirely too much and play way too many roles. All the while I’ve been overlooking the fact that if I truly want to serve others, I have to do my research diligently. I have to devote my life to this path because this path has moved mountains to devote its self to me.

This means that in the spirit of the releasing energy of the new moon and the renewal this release will bring, I will have to make some changes. My challenge, a challenge I have chosen to accept, is to let go of some of these roles and put more focus on what’s truly important to me at this time.

What Does All of This Meen for You?

Well, it’s all about you! You are truly important in my life. I am realizing that everything I do needs to be focused on the support of Life by the Moon Yoga and the people I created it to serve.

That being said, I have decided to publicly set some intentions for this new cycle.

I intend to channel my focus into bringing you better content from a place of even deeper research than ever before.

I intend to focus this research on the moon, yoga, and all forms of self-care imaginable. This way I can bring you a pool of knowledge from sources I know and trust.

It has and will always be my goal to help you live your ideal life by the moon.

I intend to stick to my personal meaning of living a life by the moon.

What is that you ask?

A Life by the Moon means being aligned with your true and highest purpose, allowing your true desires to come through, and filling your own cup so that you may have enough energy to share what want to share with others.

All of this is what I intend to share with all of you!

Share With Me!

Have you been having and experience that has caused you to stop and re-evaluate the direction of your own life during this powerful Super Moon? If so please feel free to share a bit of your experience in the comments below.

Love and Moonlight!

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